Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chapters, Dilemmas, and Speed, Oh My!

Look, she has my eyes...
I broke 100 pages in word today.  I know that it doesn't really mean much since I'm sure a majority of what I've written will have to be cut later, but it still feels like a bit of an accomplishment.

Question: What do you do about chapter length?  Some of my chapters are 12 pages, some are 20.  Problem?

Also I have a dilemma.  In WIP I'm working on, I am about to hit 40,000 words and have just got to the really good stuff of the story.  The major event to happen to this girl is happening, and yet I still have a few fights I want to throw in as well as a good conspiracy.  I had thought of going to about 50,000 words on this, but more is okay, right?  I imagine I'll probably cut about 10-20% of this later on (which will be painful), but right now it's hard for me to imagine cutting any part of the story out.  Some parts aren't well developed, but I want to go back and develop them, not simply remove them.

Also, how fast do you all get words out there?  When I write, I tend to get words out quick, but I'm nervous that most of it is crap and perhaps that's why it gets out so quick.  Take today for example.  2,610 words in two hours.  If I try to slow down though, I don't think my story changes.  It almost feels like I'm a big semi truck losing momentum going up the hill.  If I slow down I stop.  If I get going, then I really get going.

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  1. If it is your first draft make it all come out as long and as fast as you want!

    Also my bigest chapter is 15 pages and my smallest is like... 2 its okay though only first draft!