Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inch by Inch Challenge

I have been inspired!  A tiny inch worm crawling along gave me what many of the world's wonders have failed to.  You see, this little worm doesn't go very far in its life.  It may visit a decent portion of a forest, or perhaps even make it from one end of my town to the other.  Despite the fact that he will never be able to travel across the continent or visit the volcanoes of Hawaii, he keeps going, inch by slow inch.

In our writing, any change is progress.  As we see from many challenges out there, be they the 50k in 50 Days challenge or the Page a Day challenge, there are different levels of progress and each is completely acceptable.  Heck, if all you manage to do is add one word to your WIP, that's progress.

What is the Inch by Inch Challenge?
A place for us to get together and share our progress, be it one word or more.  The point of this is to hold each other accountable for making some sort of progress and not simply giving up all together - something that I struggle with constantly.

How will it work?
I will post a challenge update every weekend on Tuesday (Why not?  Tuesday needs more appreciation) and my hope is that everyone involved will post the progress they have made in their WIP.

I want to participate!
I knew you would.  Sign the Mr. Linky below so that we get a good list of everyone involved.  We'll need to stop by each other's blogs and cheer each other on.  After you've signed up, be sure to leave a comment with your current word count.

Finally, enjoy!


  1. sounds like fun why not add a little more challenge to my writing life