Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Page a Day Challenge

Swimmer over at Books, Writing, and More, Oh My! has started a Page a Day writing challenge.  As we wait for Sarah's 50k in 50 Days challenge to start back up, this should provide with a bit of motivation to keep the momentum going.

I personally have a hard time always finding time to get on the computer.  Okay, strike that.  I live on the computer.  Rather, I have a hard time finding time everyday to write.  I make up for it by trying to put out a higher word count on the days that I do get to write, although when that happens I don't feel that my writing is always of the best quality.  I'm hoping this challenge will encourage me to put something up everyday.

Want to participate?  Head on over and sign up!

Along with my progress update for each day (which will probably come in the form of a single word count meter), I will also post what motivated me or what sucked away my motivation.

I notice that what tends to happen is I either come to my computer with motivation and start typing like mad.  If I don't immediately come with motivation, it's difficult for me to find.  Today, I came with motivation.

Motivation assistance: La Bouche and Mountain Dew.  Always a winning combination for me.  Also, the cracking of my cold knuckles and the sound of fingers typing across the keyboard.  Clumsy typing that makes me have to hit the backspace key a bunch of times slows me down and pulls the momentum right out of me.  Today, however, I have found my sweet spot on the keyboard and have already hit a little over a thousand words in the last hour.



    Thanks for signing up!

  2. Swimmer - I type fast (90wpm) and when I'm motivated the words just flow out, however, I imagine that if I ever do finish this and go back to revisions, that is going to be a very long process. ;D

  3. I have the same problem, I use the computer so much, and I try to get the folder open that contains my writing document, and I usually just get stuck there. So I also end up wasting my time when I could've been progressing in writing.